Fertile (Fipronil-0.6% G.R.)


Fertile (Fipronil 0.6% G.R.) is recommended for the control of Stem borer, Brown plant hopper, Green leafhopper, Rice leaf folder, Gall midge, White backed plant hopper, Whorl maggot of Rice, Early shoot borer and Root borer of Sugarcane and termites of Wheat.

Recommended dosage for Granule should be broadcasted using operated Granule application or Mechanical dispenser application in Paddy, 2-3cm Standing Water should be in the field and keep Water Impounded for 2-3 days after application.

The product is not Phytotoxic used as per field recommendation.

Targeted crops : Rice, Wheat & Sugarcane.

Dosage : 4 Kg per Acre

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