Zeron (Zinc EDTA)

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Zeron the 100 % chelated Zinc, with EDTA, is the most effective source to correct zinc deficiency of all crops. Being chelated it is easily absorbed by the plants. Zeron , when used as soil application or foliar spray, the plant system absorbs zinc very quickly. Zeron is superior to all other forms of zinc sources, as it minimizes the danger of being fixed in the soil. Zeron improves crop production as much as major nutrient do. Zeron is involved in synthesis of some amino acids & auxins. It is vital for oxidation process in plant cells & improving the content of protein, tannin, sugar & lipids in plants & seeds.

Application : In agriculture and in horticulture as foliar fertilizer, in soil for Drip fertigation or in                                                                hydroponics applications.

Specifications :

Molecular Formula :  C10H12N2O8ZnNa2•2H2O

Molecular Weight :    436.0

Appearance : White Crystalline Powder.

Solubility : approx. 1,000 g/l (20 °C), 1,200 g/l (80 °C)

Zinc Content : 15 %

pH :  5 – 7

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