Phytocare Racer


Phytocare Race (Micronutrient Mixed Fertilizer) contains Essential Micronutrients with Amino Acid in Quantities that Ensure Balanced Nutrition for Healthy Growth and Development of Plants Phytocare Racer is Compatible with Most Sprayable Agrochemicals.

Contents in Percent by Weight Basis:-

Mah. Grade No. 5

  • Fe – 2.0     Zn – 3.0
  • MO – 0.1   Mn – 1.0
  • Cu – 0.5     B – 0.8

Crops Suggested:- 

Foliar & Soil Application for Vegetables, Cotton, Oilseeds, Pulses & Horticulture Crops.


  • Improve Uptake of Macronutrients.
  • Reduced Flower Drops Leading to Better Yield.
  • Uniform Fruiting Leading to Better Quality of Fruits.
  • Improved Ability of Plants to Fight Pest & Diseases.
  • Helps Plants to Resists Draught.


Dissolve 2ml RACER in one Litter of Water & Spray on Plants.

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