Jet (Profenofos 40% + Cypermethrin 4% EC)


Jet is a combination product of organophosphorus and pyrethroid compound. An insecticide and Acaricide, Jet is  used solely on cotton, to control the tobacco budworm, cotton bollworm, armyworm, cotton aphid, Thrips, Jassids, Mealybug, whiteflies, spider mites, plant bugs, and fleahoppers.

Time of Application: It depends on the occurence of the insect pests. Repeat applications at an interval of 10-15 days.

Doses :

Dissolve 2 ml Jet in 1 Ltr. of water and spray on foliage preferably in the morning or evening. Apply the insecticide when the incidence of pests is first observed and repeat application as necessary.

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