Ferron (Fe EDTA)

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Ferron, Fe EDTA, is the most effective source to correct Iron deficiency of all crops. Being chelated it is easily absorbed by the plants. Ferron, when used as foliar spray, the plant system absorbs Iron very quickly. Ferron is superior to all other forms of Iron sources.

Application : In agriculture and in horticulture as foliar fertilizer.

Specifications :

Molecular Formula : C10H12O8N2FeNa.2H2O

Molecular Weight : 404.0

Appearance : Yellow to Yellowish Brown Crystalline Powder

Solubility : approx. 90 g/l (68°F or 20°C), 120 g/l (86°F, 30°C), 300 g/l (158°F, 70°C)

Fe (as Fe3+ ) Content : 13 – 13.5 %

pH : 4 – 5.5

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