Increase Vegetables Production

How to increase production of Fruits and Vegetables ?

It is vital to grow more fruits and vegetables per hector of land in order to satisfy ever growing demand and to maximize your return on investments and profits.

We are aware that chemical fertilizers are harmful to the environment and nature, we have completely natural products to grow your Fruits and Vegetables production in any soil condition.

RACER is a plant growth stimulant based on natural amino acids derived from Hair protein (Keratin). It is useful for enhancing the yield of all agricultural, Horticultural & Floricultural crops as well as grasses useful for grazing cattle & pigs. Amino acids are integral part of plant cells, which carry out all necessary functions in plant cells. Only lustrous and vegetative growth doesn’t mean complete nourishment of plant. For this reason, supply of all essential sixteen amino acids in a balanced form is obligatory. It is necessary to keep the health of plant intact for its whole life while exploiting the yield. And RACER performs the function well. It is proved that RACER increase agricultural yield to the extent of 35 to 40%.

Generally Amino Acids are derived from soybean, meat or milk. But it contains less percentages of Amino Acids. Hairs contains more than 95% of Amino Acids. It is also rich in L-cystine which is very useful for plant growth. Therefore, Plant Growth Promotors derived from hair protein are very useful for healthy & vigorous growth of the crop leading to increased yield.

RACER is perfectly suitable for increasing production of organic farming.
Benefits of RACER
1) RACER improves uptake of nutrients from soil.
2) RACER reduces flower drop leading to better yield.
3) RACER helps in uniform fruiting.
4) RACER improves the rate of photosynthesis & respiration.
5) RACER improves quality & size of fruits.
6) RACER improves ability of plants to fight against pests & diseases.
7) RACER helps palnt to resist drought.


RACER is compatible with most sprayable agrochemicals.

For foliar & soil application for all crops.


Use as a Foliar Spray.

Dilute 2 to 3 ml RACER in 1 Ltr. of water & spray on foliage of crops preferably in the evening or morning.
First spraying after 30 days of sowing or transplanting.
Second spraying after 15 days of first spraying.
Third spraying at the time of flowering or fruit setting.

Soil Application :-
Apply 1.5 to 2 Ltr RACER per hectare through drip irrigation or drenching.

RACER does not contain any harmful chemicals. It is totally safe for humans, animals. It is also safe for all beneficial insects including honeybees. RACER does not pollute the environment and also drinking water sources.

Contents :
Hydrolysed Proteins 35%
Diluents & adjuvants 65%