Increase Flower Production

increase flower production

How to Increase production of Flowers?

(100% EDTA chelated Micronutrient Mixed Fertilizer with Amino Acid & Fulvic Acid)
Micronutrients play an active role in the plant metabolism process, starting from cell development to respiration, photosynthesis, chlorophyll formation, enzyme activity & nitrogen fixation & reduction etc. When these nutrients are marginally deficient, the plant suffers silently & does not produce any visible signs of hunger but it`s productivity goes down. A farmer must ensure that his crop is not suffering from hidden hunger, otherwise he will get less yield.
Vigour is the most effective source for correcting micronutrient deficiencies, ensuring better & balanced nutrient supply. Vigour contains all micronutrients in 100% “ Chelated ” form. As the micronutrient ions are perfectly chelated, nutrient losses by fixation are negligible. Vigour, a research based product provides all the micronutrients to plant without any losses.
In addition to perfect blend of micronutrients, Vigour contains Amino Acids & Fulvic Acids. Amino acids are integral part of plant cells, which carry out all necessary function in plant cell. For this reason, supply of all essential sixteen amino acids in a balanced from is obligatory. Balanced supply of all essential 16 Amino Acids definitely increase the crop yield.
Fulvic Acid promotes root development. Fulvic Acid, when applied to the plants get assimilated in plant system and increases the growth of white roots. Which ultimately results in better uptake of other nutrients from soil.


Central Biotech Vigour
Central Biotech Vigour

Vigour is compatible with most sprayable agrochemicals.

For foliar & soil application for all crops.

Foliar Spray :- Dilute 1 gram Vigour in 1 Ltr. of water & spray on foliage of crops
preferably in the evening or morning.
First spraying after 25 to 35 days of sowing or transplanting.
Second spraying after 15 to 20 days of first spraying.

Soil Application :-
Apply 1 Kg. Vigour per hectare through drip irrigation or drenching.

Vigour does not contain any harmful chemicals. It is totally safe for humans, animals. It is also safe for all beneficial insects including honeybees. Vigour does not pollute the environment and also drinking water sources.

Iron – 2%
Mangnese – 1%
Zinc – 3%
Copper – 0.5%
Molybdenum – 0.1%
Boron – 0.8%
Fulvic Acid – 4.0%
Amino Acid (Keratin) – 15%